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i guess i've been fairly proactive about things since my last entry -… - TEAM BEN [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 20th, 2005|11:00 am]
[dancing naked to |steve thomas - fish grooves vol. 1]

i guess i've been fairly proactive about things since my last entry -

i decided that the gym wasn't worthy of my money quite yet, instead i devised my own home routine, which i've been sticking to religiously over the last month or so. it involves chairs, ladders, a 3.5 stone rucksack and the determination of a saint. i'm not quite sure what i'm hoping to achieve out of it, but the whole process is suprisingly theraputic. i seem to be putting on muscle, so i guess thats a nice by-product.

driving lessons were however deemed worthy of my money, and i've been having four hours a week in hope of passing my test as soon as i can. i still kinda suck, but this time i'm going to see it through to the end.

work- we're probably earning minimum wage for the hours we put in - which isn't great, but i still think there is potential. kinda annoyingly (for me) most of that money is coming as a result of work i'm doing.. ammo's graphics skills are excellent, but as yet, we haven't found a lucrative market for that. would be nice if we could fix that.

but anyway, we're getting more organised now.. ammo is working 9ish-5 at our office (which we share with another larger company under an arrangement of doing a couple of days of work per month for them), while i work most days from home. the more i think about it, the more i realise networking will be the key to our success. easier said than done though, especially as neither of us are particularly charistmatic.

I made my first venture up to the office on Friday, and took a couple of pics

we got totally ripped off with those business cards - but they are pretty sexy

social life round here is kinda dead, although i'm making weekly trips out to various places to try and achieve some kind of human contact.

This weekend I went out in Kingston with Ammo, his brother- big Amo (damn iranian names), and a friend of theirs called Paul. Paul and myself were twins for the night as we were both of the same aerian looks, and Ammo and Amo were brothers because, well, that was the reality of the situation. We figured we could beat the pub queue system by ordering 34 shots of vodka, 2 pints of coke, and 2 empty pint glasses. So we did just that. It was actually quite an effective technique. Anyway, after the pub had closed there was a party -

Myth: These girls are having a party, and they need more boys to come as it's all girls. Reality: 6 girls, 30 guys.

And then, very shortly after that, we ended up in the local indie club, which was suprisingly packed. I think I was pretending to be a Skype phone salesman. Anyways, was fun, and junk. I managed to avoid 'free-running' on the way home this time, so my body is still intact.

From: bumpoowilly
2005-11-20 04:06 pm (UTC)
a) whoah, mr muscles mctonk. easy on the work out. i'm beginning to feel quite intimidated by you.

b) office looks swish as, although is ammo posting on myspace there? DO SOME WORK, YOU DAMN HIPPIES!

c) if i could remember american psycho better i'd make some comment about the business card.
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[User Picture]From: teamben
2005-11-20 04:18 pm (UTC)

a) i'm not stopping until people mistake me for dolph lungren.
b) that is known as 'marketing'. actually, it's probably quite a problem.
c) haha likewise
d) found anything remotely entertaining in astro-city yet?
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From: bumpoowilly
2005-11-20 07:44 pm (UTC)
d) nothing interesting yet. except the prospect of coming home tomorrow. and spending all my leftover 'bucks' at the airport on sweets and booze.

you should come down to brighton again.
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