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well.. there was a week which i have almost no recollection of. i'm… - TEAM BEN [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 30th, 2005|07:34 pm]
[dancing naked to |henrik b - wound]

well.. there was a week which i have almost no recollection of. i'm not even sure if i left the house. decided i was heading into dangerous recluse territory, so went out last night to the local village o' fun. hit the pub, then played cards till the early hours. made about £30 over the course of the evening thanks to my machine-like poker skills.

november shall be a month to remember though.


during the days i've been working. sort of. work could be better. kinda still feels like we're just playing at it. haha actually until i give Inland Revenue a call, i think we technically are just playing at it.. and breaking the law perhaps.

we're making money. but not enough. need to shift up a gear. or find a better boss. it might just be that i'm lacking enough executive toys to properly motivate me.

anyhoo.. that's boring.


music is on the up at the moment - a track i did with rodi style and dan dyson in august has been signed to a new san jose based hard house label.

here's a little video clip of rodi playing the track out in calgary on the weekend (sound quality ain't great, but looks like a fun night)

also, managed to finish another track last weekend... have only given it to a few djs, but had really good response so far. a couple of them play london clubs regularly, so will try and catch at least one of them in the next month. also rodi is gonna do a remix of the track.. wooo!

so thats my music quota for the next eight months


oh, and god.. my msn is entirely retarded. but i think everyone i speak to already knows that. i think the same applies for the other similar programs i've tried. i'm working on an alternative system involving post-it notes and mirrors.


[User Picture]From: teamben
2005-11-02 12:56 pm (UTC)
i like your thinking... might wanna bring an extra duvet for the fort
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