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[Oct. 15th, 2005|02:09 pm]
[feeling a bit |happyhappy]
[dancing naked to |ddr + the geezer - suicide raving]

the weather in sussex right now is perfect. i can usually find something wrong with the weather. but seriously, this is perfect. which is strange for an october - looks like we get cut a break on the way to the planet's eventual downfall.

i decided to take a walk over to my old primary school and surrounding areas (it's a weekend so this is not paedocreepy)... very fucking weird going back there. it's only about five minutes from my house, but i haven't been around there for about a decade. school is still there.. looks smaller than i remember. saw the street i named as a kid ("badger way" - i wish i'd suggested a better name, like "doublefox crescent"), some woodland, some mushrooms that probably weren't magic... hell, i saw a lot of stuff, and mostly things that don't sound interesting when written here.

tom and andy should be popping over soon (you better not stand me up guys), and then i dunno.. pub? party? clubbing? brighton? london? east-fucking-grinstead?

i should probably go outside again.